Forth Ports has announced that CMC will be its IT partner for the newly-acquired London Container Terminal (LCT).

Mumbai based CMC will implement a comprehensive terminal operating system, with its own Marine and Container Handling system at its core.

Forth Ports said LCT would handle in excess of 500,000 containers this year, making it the third-largest single container operation in the UK.

The new installation will replace the core terminal operating systems in place at LCT and will bring improvements to both the planning and operational aspects of the terminal.

Forth Ports secured 100% ownership of Tilbury Container Services earlier this year as part of its investment programme at the London port and renamed it. The port’s shortsea container terminal is being integrated with the deepsea operation.

Stuart Wallace, Divisional Director, London Container Terminal, said: “We are delighted to be working with CMC on this crucial IT system for London Container Terminal. This significant investment will further enhance our customers’ experience with us and further secure the port of Tilbury as a major distribution and transhipment hub for London.”