Four workers employed by a collapsed subsidiary of MGF Logistique began a hunger strike on Tuesday to further demands for a majority of staff to be transferred to other parts of the company or be granted better redundancy terms.

Earlier, staff had threatened to blow-up the group’s 14,000 sq metre facility which they are currently occupying in northern France where paints, aerosols and solvants are stored.

No one could be reached at MGF Logistique to comment on the workers’ action.

The company has offered the 53 workers at the site, located in Orchies, near Lille, redundancy bonus payments totalling €180,000 whereas the workers are asking for €15,000 each.

MGF Logistique is reported to have invested €15 million at the site over the past five years but the facility had been losing €100,000 a month before liquidation was pronounced last week.

"MGF Logistique and its parent company G7, have organised the demise of the site in Orchies at the expense of its workers," a senior labour union official at the site told Lloyds Loading

"We accept that it was losing money, but staff shouldn’t be made the scapegoat. MGF Logistique and its parent company G7 have organised the site’s demise, by transforming it into a subsidiary, as recently as last April, thus reducing their collective responsibility when bankruptcy, followed by liquidation, was declared last month.

"The hunger strike demonstrates our resolve to fight for a better deal over the redundancies," he said, adding there was a possibility of discussions with management taking place this afternoon (Wednesday, 1 August).

According to its website, MGF Logistique has a stock of almost 600,000 sqm and is present in 15 countries across Europe via the Logistics World Alliance (LWA).

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