Sir, regarding your article yesterday about longer lorry trailer trials in the UK, I would like to make a small point on the longer semi-trailer (LST).

It is incorrect to say that the majority of Road Haulage Association members opposed the trial. In our consultation response, we said that a majority of members surveyed were opposed to LSTs being allowed, for a variety of reasons which we detailed at the time, and that around one third supported LSTs.

The concept of a trial emerged after the consultation had closed and has had a more positive response from RHA members. They have welcomed the DfT’s decision to allow wide access to the trials, with 180 firms issued permits.

Our point on any future allocation (or re-allocation) is that this wide allocation of permits should be taken further. While no operators should be excluded from gaining additional permits, allocation should treat all companies equally, regardless of size, to allow equal opportunity for all hauliers and, importantly, their customers. That will be particularly important to SMEs.

Kind regards,

Jack Semple, Director of Policy
Road Haulage Association (RHA)