Sir, since 2010, the road permit quota for trucks in international transport has been decided on 150,000 for each party [Russia and Poland].

It is agreed that Polish hauliers receives 126,000 permits for bilateral haulage between the two countries and 24,000 [trilateral[ permits to/from third countries which is significant for the transport of goods between, for example, Great Britain and the Russian Federation.

The permit quota is also valid for 2012, however, extra permits were approved last year. In July 2011 Polish hauliers were granted an extra 27,500 bilateral/transit permits and 2,500 permits for transport to/from third parties.

Responding to the rumours about cutting down the quota, please mind the fact that recently Polish hauliers have been restricted by multilateral quota permits issued by the International Transport Forum in Paris. The Russian party reduced the permit quota a couple of years ago for travelling to its territory, and instead of some 1,100 permits for unlimited travelling in a year, the Polish party are entitled to 670 permits now.

Hauliers, especially Polish ones, with extensive experience in cooperation with eastern partners and high standard trucks, are highly commended business partners among European suppliers as well as Russian customers.

The Polish side is going to resolve the problem, but it is difficult to say when this will take place. This year, several meetings of both administrations have been held. It was agreed to run consultations of haulage associations from each country.

Firstly, road haulage industry representatives will hold a meeting, and then transport ministers will discuss the issue, most probably in July this year.

Yours sincerely

Piotr Pastuszak,
Senior Officer of Ministry for Transport, Poland